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    AEO, ISPS or TEU – the technical jargon used by port logistics experts is often totally incomprehensible to laymen. What is a spreader? What is a straddle carrier? On this page you will find definitions that are helpful for a better understanding and communication.

    • Multimodal transport Carriage of goods by two or more modes of transport.
    • Neo-Panamax Classification for a ship with dimensions that allow it to pass through the Panama Canal after its extension. Completion of the canal widening is scheduled for 2015. Ships with a length of 366 m, a beam of 49 m and a draught of 15.2 m will then be able to pass through the canal. This ship classification has capacities to carry approximately 13,000 TEUs. EUROGATE’s giant equipment is capable of handling container vessels in the neo-Panamax class.
    • Out-of-gauge “Out-of-gauge” is also abbreviated as “OOG” and stands for oversize cargo that does not fit in a standard container. OOG cargo may be turbines or other machine parts.