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    INFOGATE: the service portal of the EUROGATE Group

    INFOGATE is the service portal of the EUROGATE Group, via which customers can directly access parts of the terminal system. Shipping lines and forwarders can view sailing lists, search for information or make containers available – to mention just some of the services available. INFOGATE is a service for our customers that enables them to quickly and easily access the information they need.

    INFOGATE is...


    ...multilingual. All programs are configured in several languages. In addition to German, there English, Turkish, Czech, Danish, French and Italian versions.

  Access is protected by a password, i.e. only you can view your data.


    ...up-to-date. Availability of reliable data as INFOGATE directly accesses the EUROGATE database.


    Technical requirements:

    All users need is a PC or other device with Internet access and a standard browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Opera. Acrobat Reader and Excel are useful for accessing e-reports.
    Should you have any queries about how to obtain password-secured INFOGATE access or require technical support, please contact EUROGATE’s IT Services department, phone +49 40 7405-2225, email [email protected].




    INFOGATE is available for mobile devices.