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    19.08.2016 - Bremen. EUROGATE’s INFOGATE app with enhanced functions.

    EUROGATE’s INFOGATE app with enhanced functions

    Gate 2.0 – Green light for truckers: EUROGATE Hamburg controls container deliveries and collection by smartphone app and reduces lead times


    On 1 August 2016, the new version of the INFOGATE app was released. The app has been enhanced with an innovative feature designed to help prevent congestion and traffic build-ups outside the gate. It speeds up gate handling for truckers and reduces lead and waiting times. As they approach the container terminal, truckers receive status information relating to their tour on their smartphone and a message telling them which container transfer area they should head for – all paperless and without leaving the cab. At the same time, Terminal Operations is informed that the truck is on its way in, and can better plan handling processes. The prerequisite is prior notification of the truck transport data via TR02, which will become mandatory at the Port of Hamburg from November 2016.


    Peter Zielinski, Managing Director EUROGATE Container Terminal Hamburg: “The INFOGATE app’s pre-gate function is unique and has already won a number of awards. It’s a good example of how digitalisation can help to achieve time and cost savings in logistics. The pre-gate function is a simple and effective solution that helps to enhance processes without involving high investments. We will continue to work on developing modern digital solutions and with the help of creative approaches improve our service a little each day.”


    It couldn’t be simpler: truckers download the INFOGATE app onto their smartphone and register once with their trucker card number. This enables them to retrieve their scheduled tours. By entering the tour number and container number, they can select their TR02 order in the app. The smartphone must be switched to Bluetooth mode. As the truck approaches the container terminal, the tour data are automatically checked. Once the data are complete and have been comprehensively checked, the driver receives a push message that he can drive directly to the in-gate. At the in-gate, the container is checked and the driver receives a push message telling him which transfer area to go to.


    Prior to its release, the EUROGATE app was already awarded the German Initiative Mittelstand’s IT 2016 innovation award. At the 3rd IT Innovation Summit in Munich, the app received the Special Jury Prize.


    The pre-gate function is only possible for EUROGATE Container Terminal Hamburg. The EUROGATE app is available free of charge for Android from Version 5.0 from the Google App store.