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    legal notice

    EUROGATE Tanger S.A., the company through Eurogate International GmbH, is a member of the EUROGATE GmbH & Co. KGaA, KG Group which has its corporate headquarters in Bremen, Germany.


    Chairman of the Supervisory Board:   
    Mr Farid T. Salem


    Members of the Management Board:
    Mr Marco Mignogna (President), Mr Laurent Martens, Mr Carl Augustin, Mr Franco Cupolo


    Postal address:
    Zone Franche de Ksar Al Majaz, Ouad R’mel
    Commune Anjra, Route Fnideq

    90000 Tanger / Morocco


    Fax:     + 212 53 93 78 277



    EUROGATE Tanger S.A. is entered in the Commercial Register of Tanger under No. 30109.


    The Fiscal Identification Number of EUROGATE Tanger S.A. is 04936302.